• LEDs

    Lighting your homes will all types of LED lighting products, making your life beautiful and satisfying..

  • Switches

    Discover our favorites fashionable switching accessories, a selection of cool brands and their coolest series to make your homes beautiful.

    In this category : 
    1. Modular Switching Accessories
    2. Screw Fitting Switching Accessories

  • Wires

    Superior quality wires and cables for residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure purposes that comply with industry standards.

    Wires and cables made with high-grade materials and state-of-the-art technology that are safe to use, durable, and give excellent performance.

    We make sure, if the product/wire is-
    1. Safe to use
    2. High quality material
    3. Properly insulated
    4. Available in all Gauges

  • Pipes & More

    Pipes and conduit with the highly moisture resistance and the maximum amount of protection to electrical cables and wires.

  • Lighting

    Lighting that not only lightens up the surroundings, but also brightens up the heart with JOY. Peace, Prosperity & Happiness comes with lighting.

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