Superior quality wires and cables for residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure purposes that comply with industry standards.

Wires and cables made with high-grade materials and state-of-the-art technology that are safe to use, durable, and give excellent performance.

We make sure, if the product/wire is-
1. Safe to use
2. High quality material
3. Properly insulated
4. Available in all Gauges



  • Multi Stand Wire

    Multi Stand Wire is used for internal electrical wiring. Mainly for short distance connections. Mainly made of Copper.

  • Service Wire

    Wire is used for outer usage, from pole to home or from pole to pole.
    Mainly made of aluminum.

  • Multi-core Wire

    This 2-core or 3-core wire is used for machines like cutter, mixer, heaters, etc..
    Comes in all gauges, mainly made of copper.

  • Single Wire

    This wire is made of aluminum, single core.

  • 7/20 Wire

    This 3-core wire

    is usually used in farms for 3hp motors, 5hp motors..
    Mainly made of aluminum.

  • Other Wires

    Other wires i.e. - 1/40 alloy, 1/32 copper, etc.

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